Do I need to Prime before I paint?

As a professional painting contractor we get asked this question a lot.

Do I need to Prime before I paint?

The short answer is yes! You will need to apply an application or two of primer.

There are a lot of primer brands and options out there. Our go-to primer is Kilz. Kilz to us is like our favorite candy off the shelf. Kilz Primer has a very high bonding agent. Meaning you can apply it to just about any surface prior to painting. This includes drywall, wood surfaces, or even metal.

Your average paint will have primer included with it, as stated on the container of paint you bought. And you would think that was high quality enough primer to ensure a better coat of paint. We’ve found that in most cases it’s just not enough.

So before applying that beautiful color you’re wanting, we recommend priming first. It will save you both time and material. We recommend applying 2 nice coats of primer before painting. It will make painting a whole lot easier. It ensures that you don’t have color bleed through the new paint. Finally, it gives a better surface for the paint to stick to, which helps to prevent running and uneven application.

If talk of all of this priming and painting has you exhausted, don’t worry. Just give us a call for a free estimate and let us do the rolling for you. Our painting service uses high quality paints and our decades of experience means we get the job done quick and well.

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