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Should I Stain My Deck?

Does painting or staining my deck improve the life of you deck?

Absolutely not! Here is the reasons... just like everything that remains outside for a long period of time starts to lose it new look. Colors start to fade, objects outside begin to crack, dry, and or water get to it and It becomes water damaged.

These are some of the factors you will eventually run into when you have a deck. Through out my life as a painter I've noticed most don't or simply can't paint, stain, or clear coat the bottom of their deck. Now let's get into some elementary science.

What happens with water as it evaporates? It creates condensation! When a cold glass of water sits outside in the hot weather it builds up condensation on the side of the glass and if left outside long enough the liquid inside will evaporate. Now take that same cold glass and stick it in a box it will do the same except the water will evaporate and create condensation on the inside of the box walls and the glass too.

Same goes for your deck underneath and even on the top surface of your deck. Painting and staining your deck is great for the cosmetics of your deck but not the life of your deck especially with so many elemental factors to consider.

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