The Importance of the Right Painting Brush or Roller

I want to start off by saying not every paint brush or roller is worthy of painting your home or business walls, ceilings, trim, baseboards, cabinets, and more. I will say brand and cost does matter! As a professional painter I would not buy a standard $2 paint brush and go to my customer's home to tackle a painting job they hired me to do. Especially when they paid me to do the job right. As a professional painter I would recommend Purdy or Wooster brands for your paintbrushes. Both company's brushes make the paint glide on your walls or ceilings with exceptional coverage and make your paint go a long way.

As for your rollers, now this gets heavy so put your paintbrushes down. Rollers have this thing called NAP. No, I don't mean cuddling up to your favorite teddy bear. Nap is essentially the length of fabric on the roller. The shorter the length the better it is on smooth surfaces such as trim, baseboards, cabinets, molding, and anything else you can think of that has a smooth surface. The longer the length the better it is on semi smooth to rough surfaces you're trying to paint such as textured walls, ceilings, and wood panels indoor and outdoor.

As a professional painter in Rockford it's taken years to learn the different types and applications for rollers and brushes. These tools of the trade not only make for a better result. They help conserve paint which saves you money.

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